About Dr. Jerry Hankins

Dr. Jerry Hankins is an entrepreneur, medical doctor, and is currently serving as medical director of MedMD Plus.

Dr. Jerry Hankins brings  decades of experience in health care, over 20 as a physician. He primarily practices primary care, graceful aging, occupational and aesthetic medicine. Known for being professional with a lighter side, Dr. Hankins always approaches medicine with a personal touch.

Growing up in Grenada, Mississippi Dr. Hankins always dreamed of becoming a doctor and eventually went on to get his medical degree from  Mississippi State. Following that he decided to move fro Mississippi to do his residency in internal medicine at Baptist Health Centers in Alabama.

Shortly thereafter, Dr. Hankins decided to leverage his entrepreneurial drive and medical expertise to create Narrows Health and Wellness Clinic. The clinic is well known in North Shelby 280 Corridor as a transparent and friendly family and urgent care clinic.

Prior to this foray into family and urgent care Dr. Hankins also served as medical director for AZIA Medical Spa. Equipped with the latest technology, he oversaw various cosmetic procedures including but not limited to skin rejuvenation and lipo-sculpting.

Dr. Hankins is the father of two children. He enjoys traveling the world, playing tennis, working out, and listening to music. His newest passions, however, include writing poetry, drawing, painting, and cooking.